Beau and I Icon.png

Beau and I

A self-portrait of me and my now deceased cat, Beau Fabio Turk.  Greatly missed interdimensional companion and minion who passed away on October 2014.  Iconic red shirt, kidney headphones, and my lucky wolf necklace.


I started drawing around five years old, with a 2B pencil in my hand, in a little townhouse in South San Francisco.  I first started drawing animals to past the time, but I eventually grew engrossed into anime and cartoons.  Art supplies were expensive growing up, so I used whatever I had to enrich my learning - be it with nail polish or white out, to ballpoint pens, and highlighters.  Everything was a tool to me.

I graduated from UCR with a bachelor degree in Anthropology in 2011.  I actually did not start out drawing professionally until 2013, when I moved to Orange County, with small independent projects.  As of current, I work for a small 3rd party Pathfinder company called Amora Game.

I am also currently attending Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College as a way to boost my skills in the world of art.